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USA Shocks France 2-1,

In Quater-Final match & Advance To Face England in Semi-Final Game of Women's World Cup France 2019..!

FRANCE-(SMI SPORTS,06.7-07.07.19)-The US Women's National Soccer Team (FIFA World ranked# 1) and 2015 defending World Champions (Canada 2015), defeated France( FIFA World #4 ) 2-1, knocking-out the host of the tournament and advancing to a semi-final match against England of the Women's World Cup France 2019.

With this victory, the US eliminated  France from the tournament and one of the top-ranked favorites to win the Women's Wolrd Cup France 2019.

The US Looked very determined since the start of th game and went to the attack immediately, opening the score very early at 5' minutes through a direct kicked to the french's goal executed by Megan Rapinoe, who kicked a hard low shot bewteen a screen of French's defenders and US players that blindsided the french's goalkeeper Sarah Bouhaddiand and the ball entering into the net for US 1-0 over France.

The host France with one goal down, tried to get back into the game by creating more counter-attacks through the right side of the field but the USWNT's defense neutralized all their attacks for most of 3/4 of the game.

In the second half, the US picked-up where the left-off and kept the pressure on defense and attacks, and after numerous tries the second goal arrived.

The second goal came at 65' minutes for the US, during a counter-attack from the right-side of the field, USWNT's forward Tobin Heath ran the ball down the field into the 18' and crossed the ball finding Megan Rapinoe, who tapped the ball for her 5th goal in 4 games and sealing the victory for the US.

" We got the early goal, that was huge and we took our chance. Actually we were really dangerous through the leftside and getting there on the break, and sometime that's what the game is all about and we moving on. So I'm so proud of our performance, huge defensive performance, it's extremely difficult to do that and takes too much focus and effort, to do that mentally and what it takes from everyone in the backline and I'm really proud of the performance and it's not easy to take the pump for 60 to 65' minutes" Said Megan Rapinoe of what was the turning point of the victory after the game at FIFA's Press.

France discounted through Wendy Renard who scored with a beautiful-header

at 80' minute, produced by Gaetene Thiney who through a Indirect-kick, centered the ball inside the 18' and found Renard, who headed the ball into the net but it wasn't enough to avoid the elimination from the tournament.

With this victory , The USWNT advance to semi-final match and will face England 

on Tuesday, July 02, 2019 at 3:00PM ET/PT


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