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Twenty-Two Distinguished Stunning Beauties Made Their Bows At The 64th International Debutante Ball in New York City….!

New York, NY(SMIWIRE,12.31.18)-The International Debutante Ball, a biennial ceremonial

and by invitation only debutante benefit gala, celebrated its 64th annual Debutante Ball

this evening(12.29.18), where twenty-two young talented women of prominent families from abroad and US, made their formal debutante bowsto be formally introduced to the social 

high society at the luxury, The Pierre Hotel in New York.

The International Debutante Ball was founded by American philanthropist & socialite, 

Beatrice Dinsmore Joyce in 1954, held every two years and considered the most prestigious Debutante Ball in the world. A picturesque and patriotic social global setting , where accomplished Young women and men of affluent families from the United States and

around the world, gather together to meet at the ball and are formally introduced to enter

 the world of the high society to mingle and establish long-term international friendship

with each other and families.

The ball is also known as "Supreme High Society Networking Event", and benefit fund raising gala, where attendees include members of a very select elite social

group and closed-social circuits and all proceeds are donated to its charities organizations including the Soldiers', Sailors', Marines', Coast Guard' and Airmen's Club of New York City, which has been providing a home away from home for the men and women of our armed services since 1919 and as well other International Debutante Ball Foundation Charities.


In previous years, the ball has attracted attendees that included daughters of Presidents

of United States, Billionaire businessmen, diplomats, nobility, European Royalty, ambassadors

and governors.

The year's ball introduced 22 debutantes from six countries ( Belgium, England, France, India, Liechtenstein & Scotland), and nine from the Unites States ( New York, New Jersey, Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, North Carolina, Virginia, & Texas ).

The 2018-64th Annual International Debutantes were: 

International Debutantes: 

Miss Axelle Laurent Josi (Belgium), Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Jean-Louis & Mrs. Stephanie Laurent Josi,

Brussels, Belgium and Hong Kong.

Escort: Gregori Josi

Miss Elisa Defries (England), Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Graham Defries, Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire


Escort: Dmitri Zadie

Miss Lara Defries (England), Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Graham Defries, Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire


Escort: Charles Defries

Miss Catherine D' Andigne (France), Daughter of Comte et Comtesse Arnaud d' Andigne, Paris, France.

Escort: Christophe Hauptmann


Miss Nikhar Tandon (India), Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Satyan Tandon, Mumbai, India

Escort: Robert Davis

Princess Aurelia of Liechtenstein ( Liechtenstein ), Daughter of Prince and Princess Hugo of Liechtenstein, Valduz, liechtenstein and Syrgenstein, Germany.

Escort: Archduke Michael of Austria

Miss Charlotte Drummond-Herdman (Scotland), Daugther of Mr. Giles Herdman and The Honourable 

Mrs. Drummond-Herdman. Megginch Castle, Erol, Perthshire, Scotland.

Escort:Phillip Alexander Raftopoulos

Miss Lexa Drummond of Megginch (Scotland), Daughter of Dr. The Honourable and Mrs. Drummond, Megginch Castle, Errol, Perthshire, Scotland and London, England.

Escort: Cornelius Escaravage

US Debutantes: 

Miss Jolie Jacqueline Vanier (Arizona), Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Jay David Vanier, Paradise Valley, Arizona.

Escort: Michael Ziadie

Miss Graysen Leslie Airth (California), Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Alan Airth, Newport Beach, California

Escort: Nikhil Davar

Miss Ireland Irving ( Florida), Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Fred R. Irving, Naples, Florida

Escort: William Nathan Fritsch 

Miss Ella Albright Ekstrom (Illinois ), Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Loren Ekstrom, Barrington, Illinois

Escort: Grant Woodward Ekstrom

Miss Meredith Olivia Shields ( Illinois ), Daughter of Mr. & Mrs R. Stratford Shields, Chicago, Illinois & N.Y.

Escort: George Grigg

Miss Katherine Louise Benham (New Jersey), Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Michael Benham, Princeton, N.J.

Escort: Wesley Munson

Miss Adelaide Mathilde Escaravage ( New Jersey ), Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Escaravage, Far Hills N.J.

Escort: Nicolas Mendoza Echavarria

Miss Emila Esteves McManus (New Jersey), Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John McManus, Basking Ridge, N.J.

Escort: Keith Marlor

Miss Aubrienne Krysiewicz-Bell(New York), Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Bell and Dr. Susan Krysiewicz, N.Y.

Escort: Joseph Coselli

Miss Mary Valentine Apple (North Carolina), Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Valentine I. J. Apple, Winston Salem, N.C

Escort: Calvin Sullivan

Miss Daniella Helena Cass (Virginia ), Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Ronald A. Cass, Great Falls, Virginia

Escort: William Simmons

Miss Catherine Fields Coselli (Texas),  Daughter of Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Stapleton Coselli, Houston, Texas

Escort: Shapley Davis

Miss Olivia Claiborne Late ( Texas), Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John Steven Late, Austin, Texas

Escort: Michael Hayes Haydon

Miss Dominique Lucile Melcher ( Texas), Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John Collins Goff, Ft. Worth, Texas

Escort: Alexander Chieffalo


This year the Honorary Chairmen & Committee were: Ms. Julia Irene Kauffman along with Ms. Anne Eisenhower, and Mrs. David Hamilton. The Director and General Chairman is Mrs. Gregory S. Hedberg. The Committee includes Mrs. Andrew Beer, Mrs. Spencer Neville Brown, Mrs. Ryland Chase, Ms. Julie Nixon Eisenhower, and Ms. Susan Eisenhower. 

The presentation began at the conclusion of the elegant dinner and opened the introduction

with the crowd singing the United States national anthem. Each debutante made a royalty entrance, wearing a sophisticated designer white gown, radiating their beauty and femininity, carryng a bouquet of pink roses and accompanied by her own escort (usually also member of an Aristocrat Family or Military Academy), wearing a black toxedo with a white tie

and tails.

In addition, as the debutantes walk and waved across the welcoming audience, the sound of

their favorite song was heard (a country song or State song), in the background, played by renowned "The Lester Lanin Orchestra". 


A grandiouse party from start to finish, filled with " Creme of the Creme " of the Social High

Society, enjoying themselves and dancing the night away with friends and families of the

same hierarchy, where you can only see it in movies or hear it in fairy tales stories.

By Invitation Only Event: Who Gets Invited to be Formally Presented at The International Debutante Ball?

The process for an aspiring young lady to be invited and be presented as a debutante at the International Debutante Ball, she must be recommended by a previous debutante of the International Debutante Ball and must be between the ages of 17 and 21 years old. The aspiring debutantes must be well-known with connections in the New York Society and be accepted by

the Chairmen of the Debutante Committee of the International Debutante Ball. Once selected,

they will receive an invitation ticket and must pay a set fee by the committe. Debutantes

accepted are highly accomplished young ladies in athletics, community service, academics, philanthropy and charity from affluent families. These selected debutantes are young women

who maintain the standards of civility, chastity, manners, etiquette and gentility. 

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