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American Designer " Samantha Leibowitz " Sparkles During New York Fashion Week at CAAFD Collective Showcase 2018 !

NEW YORK9SMI-WIRE,09.08-09.14.17)The Council of Aspiring American Fashion Designers (CAAFD), in collaboration with iFashion Network as part of the I'MPOSSIBLE CHALLENGE, presented several showcases during New York Fashion Week, including a collective showcase on September 10th in support of four incredibly talented US based and international designers, Fesvedy, Frances Jerard, Mikelsen and Samantha Leibowitz. These showcases gave these world class designers a stage and a platform to show the world their one-of-a-kind unbridled creativity, and the audience in attendance gave a glowing reception to each. The collective showcase was produced and directed by noted fashion guru and business mogul, Resk ‘Que of iConcept Media Group, continuing his long running series of CAAFD sponsored shows, with hair styled by lead Patrick G. Nadeau and makeup done by key artist Tawni Michelle.

One of  the featured designers in the collective showcase that got our immediate attention was, American designer Samantha Leibowitz, for her very art-inspired and held a versatility that is rare to see in New York Fashion Week collections. Despite being art-influenced, these designs remained down to Earth, while still exciting.

Samantha Leibowitz's creations are for the bold , the independent , the adventurous  and fashion innovators women.Every pieces are created with one goal in mind for the woman, who has an inspiring appreciation of beauty.


All designs are for everyday wear, from dawn until dusk. Each ensemble is made for you: whether it’s a day in the office, a night on the town, or a casual dinner date.

During our backstage coverage, we have the opportunity to ask couple questions to

Samantha Leibowitz prior to her runway show & this is what she said:

Women Starlight: Are You Making Your Debut today ?

Samantha Leibowitz: No, This is my fourth year in Fashion week and this is probably

my eight fashion show. I've been in the industry over 12 years now and my company celebrated two years last week.

Women Starlight: What is the inspiration for this collection and what can you tell us about it ?

Samantha Leibowitz: Our collection has been inspired by texture, we have black, silver, white & jeant coming in.We have a jeant fabric for nice feel. We have some gray chevron and we are bringing some metallic metal a little bit tonight.The inspiration is for our company is mainly from the Architecture, we look at diamonds in magazines 

and anything that brings that Vibes from Building.Some of our leggings of our biggest collections come straight  from buildings...


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