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Global Fashion Collective I Closed-Out NYFWK Spring/Summer 2022 in Magnificent Fashion..!

NEW YORK,NY(SMI-WOMEN-FASHION,09.08-09.14.21)-The Global Fashion Collective platform that specializes in featuring aspiring and stablished designers from diverse culture, closed-out the New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2022 in magnificent fashion-with two-outstanding shows that captivated the audience over the weekend in the heart of the Big Apple.


This season(Spring/Summer 2022) runway shows were presented in two separate edition entitled; Global Fashion Collective I & II. 

SaintJesus (Chile: Women's): Saint Jesus was founded in January 2016, by designer Maria Saint-Jesus from Chile. Her newest  collection  entitled

" Bruno "   is mixing versatile pieces with fabrics, all while keeping the monochromatic aesthetic of the brand. This collection is filled with Barra  sand and stones, as well as Chilean cotton fabrics.The brand's creator was inspired by her work and insists that this collection "means  so much to me because it is honor to my son Bruno and through the adversity that life presented us, we stayed strong and look forward to being reunited again" stated by Maria.

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