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ROSE BUCKLEY from Delaware " Crowned the new International MS 2017 in the Big Apple !

NEW YORK(SMI-WIRE,09.07.16) Laura Clark, founder & CEO of the International MS pageant held it's second annual event this evening, during New York Fashion week, where " Rose Buckley "from Delaware was crowned the new 2017 International MS in the Big Apple.

International MS pageant is an organization with main goal to empower women between ages 26-39, regardless of marital status to reach their highest potential from feeling beautiful, accomplished and connected in their communities and careers.There were 13 contestants from across the US (East & West coast) who competed and traveled into New York City looking to be finalist and win the crown.These beautiful ladies competed in 3 diferent categories from Swimsuit, Night Gown & answering the best answer in promoting pageant if they were crowned the winner of this 2017 International MS pageant." I am very happy to have won the crown  and proud to be the new 2017 Intenational MS " said Rose Buckley after winning the crown.

The contestant were the following:

Nicole Almodovar(Arizona), DAnielle Alura (California), Rose Buckley (Delaware), Tabitha Turner (Illinois),

Tracy Bowman(Kansas), Shenetta Malkia (Maryland), Sabella Sparano (New Jersey), Kerry Champlin(New York),

Tien DAvies(Texas), Monica Brokenborough (Distric of Columbia), Farah Andre ( Massachusetts),

Christina Choi(Virginia) & Shana Henderson (Wisconsin).


Rose Buckley from Delaware was crowned by Melissa Hill ( 2016 International MS), who said good bye to the audience after a full year serving as the International MS 2016 for full year.

The winner of the pageant received  $5,000.00 to elevate her business or cause.The second and third place received $500.00 each.....

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