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NEW YORK, NY(SMI-GLOBAL-SPORTS-UNIVERSITY NOV 10-12)-The 2023 UAA defending champions NYU women's basketball team overpower MIT 88-55, in its season opening game as part of the 2-day Scholar Classic tournament hosted by NYU at its new home John A. Paulson Center, in New York City.

The Violets opened its season ranked #2 nationally, and picked-up where they left-off with a explosive offensive performance after reaching the NCAA Div III Elite-8, for the past two consecutive seasons.

With MIT leading 13-9, and 05:57 left in the first period, NYU went on 10-0, run during a span of 4' to overcome the deficit and take a 19-13, lead at the end of the first frame.

Forward Natalie Bruns led the attack with 3-layups for 6-points while guard Belle Pellecchia added 4-points with a layup and a jumper from inside the paint. 

In the second period, the Violets kept the pressure and opened the game wide-open with 2-consecutive run of 10-4, and 12-3, extending its lead by 19, at the end of the second period with the Violets leading 39-20. Morgan Morrison led the attack with 2-layups and 2FT and Reese Tremitiere netted 2-layups for 4-points from inside the paint to make it 29-17, with 03:55 remaining in the second period.

Belle Pellecchia added 4-points in the second run with a layup and a jumper from inside the paint while  Morgan Morrison, Reese Tremitiere and Mary Kate Fahey added 2-point each to put the game away at the half and sealed the victory for NYU of 88-55, over the MIT Engineers.

The Violets were led by Belle Pellecchia with 15-points and 6-rebounds.
Morgan Morrison added 14-points and Reese Tremitiere contributed with 10-points in the win. 



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