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Photo:Zoe Makler, Brooklyn Shelton, Annie Carlile, Jenny Walker, Alyssa Alvarez & Erica Miller

BROOKLYN, NY(SMI-WOMEN-SPORTS-UNIVERSITY-02.24-26.23)-The NYU University Women's basketball team defeated Brandeis University 85-62, on season final game (Fri. Feb 24,) and during senior day celebration to claim its 2nd consecutive University Athletic Association (UAA) title and 4rd overall in school program at the NYU Athletic Facility in Brooklyn, New York City.
With the win, the Violets closed-out the season with 22-2 overall record, 12-2 (UAA) conference, and punched its ticket to the NCAA Div III tournament for the 3rd consecutive year under head coach Meg Barber.

Meg Barber is a 2002 NYU graduate who played for the women's basketball team for 4-season during 1998-2021, and became 11th head coach of her Alma Mater when she was hired in 2018, after a successful sting with div I Temple University women's basketball as an assistant coach.

Barber who is on her fifth season with the Violets has amassed 85-20, overall record and tremendous success in four completed seasons  (2020-2021 NYU did not compete due to Covid-19), winning two UAA conference crowns and advancing to the NCAA tournament div III for the third straight year after astonishing run last season when their season ended losing 83-64, to Hope College in the NCAA Div III Elite-Eight.


Women Starlight ( Congratulations on Today's victory and for winning the 2023 UAA Women's basketball title. What type of ingredients or strategies had you implemented to turn the NYU women's basketball team into a winning program ?

Meg Barber : The seniors we honored today was our first recruiting class from our staff.It's a really special full circle moment for us and had them been honor kind of on the way out  and performing as well as they did.And this is the first time in over 25-years that we've won back-to-back UAA titles and it just a testament of their believe who we are and how we do things. They are really responsible for the success of this team.

Women Starlight( With all our respect to all athletic and successful coaches in all the sports across all NCAA divisions ( Div I, II & III ).You are one of the few coaches that had played for your University athletic program (NYU Women's basketball team) and now leading your Alma Mater as a head coach into the national spotlight (2022 NCAA Div III Elite-8) with a winning program. How do you feel about that and your accomplishments representing your school?

Meg Barber: I'm an alum here and I have so much pride and so much believe in this place. I think that resonate with selling the story to the players that we have here and letting them show what's possible if they come here as student athlete.

Women Starlight ( You are heading to the NCAA tournament for the third consecutive year (NYU did not compete in 2020-2021 season due to Covid-19 pandemic). How excited are you and the team to be back in the tournament, what are your expectations and do you believe you can win it all this time ?

Meg Barber: It's in the back of my mind but winning advance and losing go home is always one game at time. We are just kind of excited to celebrate our seniors and that's what today is about and Monday(Feb. 27,)  we'll get to see where we end-up in the NCAA tournament.

Women Starlight ( You and Good Luck in the NCAA tournament

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