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Recent News       2015 New York Cosmos Media Day in NYC !

SMI SPORTS / March 24, 2015
NEW YORK(SMI-WIRE,03.24.15) The New York Cosmos soccer team
held it's annual media day today, featuring the whole team available including the front office management available to members of media for interviews or any other inquiries prior to the opening game against Tampa Bay Rowdies at 7:00pm on april 18, 2015@ James Shuart Stadium, Hofstra University.
SMI Asked:How Do You feel playing for the Cosmos along Marco Senna/Raul after being competitors for so many years in Europe?
Raul : I'm very happy to be playing for the NY Cosmos and  along Marco Senna after being competitors many seasons in Europe.
I'm glad to be sharing the lockerroom with him and my other teamates as a team.Hoping that we can start the season and wins many games and celebrate the triumphs many years to come.
Senna:After playing many years in Europe and having a lot experience playing against each other, I feel very privilege having Raul integrating into the New York Cosmos as well for the rest of the team.The Idea is now to play good soccer as a team and have a great winning season to make history once again for the New York Cosmos.
SMI Asked: What is the lastest news on building the new stadium at Belmont NY ?
Erik Stover: " Well, there was article in the media today regarding how we feel about it.Certainly, two years it's way too long to be waiting for a desicion like this"."I think anybody can understand the challenges that we are facing as well other developers feel the same way weather building a stadium or find a different location."



How The Idea Came about playing in Asia ?
Savarese:Everybody knows about the old New York Cosmos
about Pele and other players in the past.But the interesting thing now there is  a lot interest about the New New York Cosmos, we notice that we have a lot followers abrod including Honk Kong. There is a lot interest and passion for the new New York Cosmos for having players like Raul & Senna that create special winning aura for the Cosmos around the world. 
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