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The MOMS and Equality Now Celebrated The Release and New York Premiere of the New Film " Saving Zoe " in Style with Main Cast in Attendance  at 1-Hotel in NYC..!

NEW YORK,NY(SMI-ENTERTAINMENT,07.17.19)-The MOMS (Denise Albert and Melissa Gerstein), in conjuction with Equality Now, the non- profit organization that advocate against sexual exploitation and violations of human rights of girls and women around the world, celebrated the release and New York premiere of the new film " Saving Zoe ", with main cast, Laura & Vanessa Marano in attendance at the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge in NYC.

Denise Albert & Melissa Musen Gerstein, also known as THE MOMS, are founders of a multi-media company that markets to Moms, featuring topics and conversation with celebrities that puts a spotlight on--modern motherhood.

A great film, and a must see for all audiences, that advocates awareness to parents and teens, that human trafficking and sexual online exploitation it's a major problem in the world ,and can happen to anybody, weather it's in your own backyard or online.

An educational movie that transmit great insights, where does it start and how to spot any signs of problems arising with your teens daughter or sons

relating with this issue that affects daily millions of families around the world. 

Saving Zoë is a film based on a best-selling book written by the award-winning author, Alyson Noël. It dives into subjects such as grief, loss, exploitation and, ultimately, the unbreakable bond between sisters. The film tells a compelling and familiar story of the unexpected tragedies facing young girls as they navigate today's modern online world. 
The film stars real life sisters Laura Marano (Netflix's The Perfect Date, Disney Channel's Austin and Ally) and Vanessa Marano (Freeform's Switched At Birth, CW's & Netflix's Gilmore Girls).


Laura and Vanessa not only bring the characters of Echo and Zoë to life on screen, but they produced the film as well alongside their mother Ellen Marano and Jeffery Hunt.


The themes of sexual exploitation and online sex trafficking touched on in the film Saving Zoë are some of the issues that Equality Now tackles every day. Even more than raising awareness of these issues, Saving Zoë gives them urgency and relevance to a broad and new young audience that is faced with the challenge of safely navigating the online world everyday. People are realizing that the things are not just happening in unknown places far away but are also actually happening right here, right now, in their own homes and communities and to girls just like them. Saving Zoë shows us in a compelling format, why governments, civil society, tech companies and activists need to work together to ensure the online safety of women and girls. We have the opportunity to leverage the film as a unique platform to increase awareness of sexual exploitation and inspire fans to join the fight.



















Laura Marano is an actress, song writer, singer, and producer. She is best known for the Netflix’s Rom-Com, The Perfect Date and Disney Channel's international hit television series Austin & Ally. She's a won and been nominated for multiple Kids and Teen Choice Awards. As a singer song writer, she has written performed multiple songs for TV and film such as “Lie to Me” and “A Little Closer.”  Her first single, “Boombox” reached over 60 million views on YouTube, and recently, she dropped her EP “ME” on her independent label, Flip Phone Records.


Vanessa Marano is an actress and producer widely known for her role in the Peabody Award winning and Television Critics Award winning show “Switched at Birth". She has starred in various shows throughout years including "Gilmore Girls," "The Comeback," and "Dexter." Vanessa has been nominated for multiple Teen Choice Awards and has most recently been nominated for a Webby award for her role the critically acclaimed Snap Chat Series, The Dead Girls Detective Agency. 

As the producers of "Saving Zoë", Laura, Vanessa, and their mother have partnered with Equality Now to spread the word regarding human trafficking and encourage tech companies to take action against hosting web sites that promote sexual abuse against women. 

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Photo: Laura Marano, Vanessa Marano & Alyson Noel
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Photo:Shelby Quast, Denise Albert, Laura Marano, Vanessa Marano, Alyson Noel &Melissa Musen Gerstein
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