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Photo: Michelle Coleto ("La Sirene's Creative Director & Founder)

MIAMI, FL(SMI-WOMEN-FASHION-JULY 31, 2022)-The 2022 Miami SwimWeek /The Shows concluded in magnificent fashion last Sunday (July 17,) after hosting a week of events and over 70+ swimsuit models runway shows during a hot-summer week at SLS Hotel in South Beach Miami, Florida.

Miami has become the Mecca or the Capital of the Swimsuit as Miami SwimWeek/the Shows held its annual Swimsuit model runways shows, where swimsuit/resorts brands from all over the world gather every year to exhibit its latest collections and trends of the swimwear apparel industry.

There were  over 150+ overall runways shows  during this annual 2022 Miami SwimWeek that takes place during the summer, where exhibiting brands, buyers and press/media organizations meet every year in South Beach, Miami to attend the week of festivities of glamour, fashion and after-parties for entertainment.

In addition to the runway shows, there were three swimwear Expo/Conventions that took place over the weekend during 2022 Miami Swimweek; the SwimShow and Cabana Show at Miami Beach Convention Center, and the Hammock Show at New World Symphony.

Women Starlight visited the Cabana Show & spoke with Michelle Coleto, the Creative director/designer & Founder of the label " LA SIRENE " from Brazil
(South-America, Latin America) and this is what she said about her brand:

Women Starlight: What's your name, title and the brand that you represent ?

Michelle Coleto: My name is Michelle Coleto and I'm the Founder/Creative Director/Designer of the brand " La Sirene " from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Women Starlight:
How long have you been exhibiting at Cabana Show or any other trade expo ?

Michelle Coleto : This is our second year at Cabana Show.

Women Starlight: What can you tell us about your brand, its name and latest collection ?

Michelle Coleto: We've been in business for about four years and our brand
is called
" La Sirene " from Sao Paulo, Brazil. " La Sirenemeans " The Mermaid " and the collection and colors were inspired by the ancient city of Pareci, located in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Pareci is a very beautiful colonial city that has a lot beautiful vibrant colors; like the little houses have yellow and different tones of blue that was used as inspiration to create the collection. All our designs are handmade and created for female empowerment. The embroidery in our designs are done by women since all our staff in our factory in Brazil are women or  women's associations from different part of Brazil.

I also studied art and was a interior designer prior and I always love fashion so I decided to launch my brand " La Sirene ".

Women Starlight: Does you brand sell worldwide ?

Michelle Coleto : Yes through our website and it also we sell around the world in
25-countries through our partners in just 4 years. Europe, Asia, Portugal, Australia, Caribbeans, Russia, Lebanon, Dubai, Latin-America & others.

Women Starlight: How will your rate your brand standard, medium or high-end and what is your target audience ?

Michelle Coleto: We are in the medium-high range that starts at $200.00 and our  target demographic varies since we have different styles for a young to mature clientele.

Women Starlight:
Thank You for your time and Good Luck with your 2023 Collection.

Photo By: Marcello Cutti II/Women Starlight/Alluring Intimates


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