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Photo: Myriam Chalek (Center)

#Metoo Fashion Show Bring Awareness Against Sexual Assault During New York Fashion Week !

NEW YORK(SMI-WIRE,,02.09.18)-The #METOO movement is still rising in all the scenarios with the new inclusion of a #metoo fashion show to bring awareness and report any sexual assaults against women, during a New York Fashion Week Friday's afternoon at the Yotel New York in Manhattan NYC.

"The #metoo fashion show was created to empower women victims and survivors of sexual misconduct and ways to report it and stop the abuse."Said Myriam Chalek , executive producer of the new #metoo fashion show.


Break the silence is another key message of the new #metoo fashion show.Many women after an assault who had endurred sexual trauma, are hesitant to discuss the incident out loud or verbally by repressing all thoughts and feelings of the crime. "For some of our models, it is still difficult to put what they feel into words, and expressing themselves through fashion is viewed as a way of sharing their story leading to some healing". Said Mrs Chalek of the models who walked the runway.

The fashion show was directed by Myriam Chalek and the models walking the runway were actual victims or survivors of sexual assault, who took turns telling theirs stories and felling relief in front of the full house of audience that attended to listen and  support this special cause that currently affects our society in the US & the World.

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