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Photo:Itzel Caballero (Makira (Mexico) Founder/Creative Director)

NEW YORK, NY(SMI-GLOBAL-WOMEN-FASHION SEPT 11-24, 2023)- The fashion platform: "Global Fashion Collective " known for showcasing a diverse line-up of renowned and aspiring fashion designers from all over the world concluded its NYFWK Spring/Summer 2024 edition with Evaro Italia(Italy), Miyabi (Japan) & Makira (Latin: Mexico) highlighted the shows on its NYFWK runway debuts in Manhattan, NYC.
About Makira /Itzel Caballero
Makira is a Mexican brand based in Mexico City, Mexico and founded by Itzel Caballero in 2015.

The Makira brand is known for its unique sewing and contemporary designs suitable for the sophisticated, elegant and feminine women.

Passionate and inspired for fashion since her early teenage years, Caballero decided to embark into the fashion world
 and start her own brand by studying marketing in Mexico City and fashion design abroad at Marangoni Institute Milano, in Milan, Italy.

Women Starlight attended the NYFWK Spring/Summer 2024 fashion show of " Makira (Mexico) and spoke to the creative director and founder Itzel Caballero prior to her NYFWK runway show debut, and this is what she said about her latest collection:

Women Starlight: What's your name and the brand you represent ?

Itzel CaballeroMy name is Itzel Caballero and the founder and creative director of the brand " Makira " based in Mexico City, Mexico.

Women Starlight: How long have you been in the business and exhibiting at Global Fashion Collective ?

Itzel Caballero: I've been in business with the brand for around 8-years since 2015, and I'm making my fashion runway debut with my collection at Global Fashion Collective/NYFWK Summer/Spring 2024. I'm very happy and it's a dream come true.

Women Starlight: what's the name of your collection, how many looks are you showcasing on the runway and what can you tell us about It ?

Itzel Caballero : The name of the collection is called " Fiorenzza", and I'm showcasing 12-looks on the runway.It's a vibrant collection that include colors from Yellow, pink, blue, purple and red, and tropical prints featuring  flowers, and animals with the goal to implement nature into the garments so women can feel comfortable despite the vibrants colors on it.    

Women Starlight:  Do you sell globally and are there any particular major store or boutique that carry your brand to be available for the global audience ?

Itzel Caballero : We do sell online to the world from our Website:  

Women Starlight: Thank You so much and Good Luck with the "Fiorenzza"Collection.    

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