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Recent News:         Liliana Montoya Surreal Swim-Week Miami With a                                    Collection Entitled : Mermaids Of Atlantis "

SMI Fashion / July 25, 2015

MIAMI BEACH (SMI-WIRE,07.25.15)Liliana Montoya swimwear based in Miami, opened Funksion Swim-Miami Week 2016 with a surreal collection entitled " Mermaids Of Atlantis " @ FunKsion Tents  in South Beach Miami, Florida.

The collection is Part Mermaid, part Atlantis, this sea-jungle civilization inspired trend is certainly something new for the designer.As a legend Mermaids are the woman's of the sea who comes from the bottom of the Ocean to enchant our world wearing the most sizzling pieces covering their bodies as a second skin.While swimming pools, abstract waves and water prints remains the main inspiration, it was the addition of dig

prints, acidic hues and stylings that stands out this season.The Collection is a mix of translucent sea-nymphs and post apocalyptic jungle creatures that have all goneto space and formed a super-human new piece.Jungle and animals prints,such as python and flowers, & rainforest colors are mixed with water-color blues and blurred prints.The silhouette is beautifully sculptured with built hand made touches beads.

Liliana Montoya swim by Liliana Montoya is the creative director

& founder , based in Miami Beach.Born & raised in Medellin, Colombia, awarded with honors s designer of the year by the Director of the design University of " Arturo Tejada Cano ", as the best swim designer collection.With this vision Liliana Montoya brings it to reality in 2006.She initiates operations under her name , with limited  quantities femenine line, offering innovated products of high quality & embellishment work. 

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