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Leanne Marshall Light-Up NYFWK with Her Latest Fall/Winter 17/18

Collection Entitled " Resurrect "

New York(SMI-WIRE,02.09-02.16.17)The NYC based American bridal's designer " Leanne Marshall " , a veteran  designing bridal gowns around a decade exhibited her latest Fall/Winter 2017/2018 collection called " Resurrect " during the current New York Fashion Week taking place in NYC.The former Project Runway season-5 winner, made it all the way to the finale, where she showed her wave inspired collection in shades of turquoise, ivory and sand.Marshall who after years designing bridal gowns for few years launched her own bridal label in 2011 and has been exhibiting in Fashion Week New York ever since.

Leanne Marshall’s sophisticated designs are known for their light, flowing lines, feminine details and timeless elegance. Each dress is made in New York using only the highest quality materials. The Leanne Marshall Brand is a staple for the woman who wants a dress that will showcase, not overshadow, her beauty. Attention to high quality standards, proper flattering fits and silhouettes, and her unique ethereal approach to design have made Leanne a go-to for the today’s woman. With touches of classic and modern, sophistication and youth, Leanne Marshall has captured an effortless grace and timeless elegance in her collections.Her work has been seen on Carrie Underwood, Ashley Benson, Salt, Ariana Grande, Andi MacDowell, Julianne Hough, Dasha Palanco, Jackie Cruz, Jane Fonda, Paula Abdul and many others.

Starlight Illustrated had the opportunity to  ask "Leanne Marshall " couple questions

prior to her fashion runway show and this is what she  said:

Starlight Illustrated: How is your brand has evolved ever since you began exhibiting 

at  Fashion Week ?

Leanne Marshall:Well , You know every season we get little better, more polish, and more

like story like behind it.We started out  showcasing beautiful clothes for women that enhance their natural beauty and that's what generally we still do.

Starlight Illustrated: For this Season Fall/Winter 2017/2018, What is the name of the collection and what can you tell us about it ?

Leanne Marshall: This season collection is called " Resurrect " and it's a little darker, moodier than we normally do. We kind  of taking a little of medieval timed underlining and emphasizing strong confident women.

Starlight Illustrated: Are you using any special materials or textiles for the "Resurrect Collection "

Leanne Marshall: The starting point was to use all the material that we had,some of these prints several we had it for awhile so kind of going back to stream a lit bit from both the technical and the story line. 

Starlight Illustrated: Thank You and Good luck with this season collection.

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