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Award-Winning Couture Designer " Kirsten Ley " Sparkle at New York Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2019…!

NEW YORK, NY(SMIWRE,02.07-016.19)-Award-winning couture designer from Canada " Kritsten Ley ", sparkle at New York Fashion Week with an unique femininity and sophisticated collection entitled " Naissance " as part of Global Fashion Collective's slate of emerging designers exhibiting at 2019 New York Fashion Week Fall-Winter season in the Big Apple.


The Global Fashion Collective was presented by Vancouver Fashion Week(VFW), and it's platform showcase the work of progressive and cutting edge designers.

Kristen Ley is an award -winning couture designer from Canada, who has recently launched her pret-a-porter line. Using intituive and sculptural techniques, she creates wisceral one-of-a-kind works of art, juxtaposing structurally bound garments with the softeness and translucence of fervent, flowing silks.

This is her 

The collection " NAISSANCE " , represents the birth or " rebirth " of label as an official Parisian fashion house. This collection dives into the intricates of one's of one's own elaborate psyche, drawing inspiration from a sense of massive upheavel, romance lost, and immense heartbreak. 

 SMI Fashion had the opportunity to interview Kirsten Ley at backstage prior to her runway show and this is what she said:

SMI Fashion: What is the name of your brand and this season collection ?

Kirsten Ley: Kirsten ley is my name and actually the name of my label.

And this season collection is called " Naissance "

SMI Fashion: how long you've been exhibiting at New York Fashion week and other ?

Kristen Ley: This will be my third consecutive season at New York Fashion Week and previuosly I did five seasons at Vancouver Fashion Week. A also did Amazon Fashion Week in Tokyo three seasons ago and I just moved to Paris, currently doing showrooms and hopefully I will do runway shows next season.

SMI Fashion: What can you tell us about your collection  and what is your specialty or known for?

Kirsten Ley: Everything that I do is oven-guard and viceral. I do a lot of leather molding, a lot couture techniques because I sew everything by hand so my labels are kind of decorative between the hard leather and soft frenzy organic silk and ordanzas. My specialty is leatherworking and molding leathers, it's very unique and different, my moldingleather is definite my specialty.

SMI Fashion : How many looks and what colors are you using this season ?

Kirsten Ley: This season I have 14 looks and color-wise I have a quite-split, I have a lot creams, whites, grays and silvers. And I also  have navy-blue, oxblood and  midnight-blue.

SMI Fashion: Thank You for your time and Good Luck with the " NAISSANCE"


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