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Photo: Kensie Bongiorno (KB Swim's Creative Director/Designer & Founder)

MIAMI, FL(SMI-WOMEN-FASHION-JULY 25, 2022)-The 2022 Miami SwimWeek /The Shows concluded in magnificent fashion last Sunday (July 17,) after hosting a week of events and over 70+ swimsuit models runway shows during a hot-summer week at SLS Hotel in South Beach Miami, Florida.

Miami has become the Mecca or the Capital of the Swimsuit as Miami SwimWeek/the Shows held its annual Swimsuit model runways shows, where swimsuit/resorts brands from all over the world gather every year to exhibit its latest collections and trends of the swimwear apparel industry.

There were  over 150+ overall runways shows  during this annual 2022 Miami SwimWeek that takes place during the summer, where exhibiting brands, buyers and press/media organizations meet every year in South Beach, Miami to attend the week of festivities of glamour, fashion and after-parties for entertainment.

In addition to the runway shows, there were three swimwear Expo/Conventions that took place over the weekend during 2022 Miami Swimweek; the SwimShow and Cabana Show at Miami Beach Convention Center, and the Hammock Show at New World Symphony.

Women Starlight visited the Hammock show & spoke with one of the exhibitors; Kensie Bongiorno, the creative director/designer & founder of KB Swim, who made her debut at Miami Swimweek and this is what she said about her brand:

Women Starlight: What's your name, title  and the brand that you represent ?

Kensie Bongiorno: I'm Kensie Bongiorno and I'm the owner and designer of KB Swim based in Wilmington, North Carolina USA.

Women Starlight:
How long have you been exhibiting at Hammock show or any other trade expo ?

Kensie Bongiorno: This is actually my first year at Hammock and I've never done a trade show before, this is my first time at a trade show. And Also I have a show tonight as well,  I'm making my debut with my first runway show at the Paraiso Tent.

Women Starlight: What can you tell us about your brand and latest collection from inspirations and colors ?

Kensie Bongiorno: We started our brand in 2018 and it's our seventh collection: 2022 resort collection called " The Summer Abroad ". This collection is based-off Copa Cabana beach in Brazil. I just wanted to encompass like this very vintage, bright Brazilian Field. And we also have another resort collection that is coming in 2023 entitled " The Five Elements ". And this is based-off the five elements; Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Space. In each, there are three colors per element that encompass what my take was on that element. I have like earth is very neutral and brown colors. We have fire, intense patterns, bright pink and bright orange. Every single color has a reason, every single pattern has a reason and it's based-off the five elements.

I was an art major, did do 3-d design for a while and I've always been artistic and I grew-up by the beach. I really try to encompass(Include) my artistic side with my love for the beach (in my Designs or Collections).

Sustainability is super important to me, so we are 100% sustainable and as far everything that's made all the fabrics are made of recycle materials and we don't use plastic in our products. We are all Eco-friendly, we use Econyl and Repreve, the two main Eco-friendly brands that make the fabrics. They are all made of recycle nets, plastic bottles, pre-post consumer products and they take that and break it down into Nylon and that's how the fabrics are created.  

I try to make sure that all the designs are spont and functional, so you can wear it to the beach, to lay-out, or wear it as a top with a pair of pants, very versatile.

Women Starlight: How will your rate your brand standard, medium or high-end and what is your target audience ?

Kensie Bongiorno: We are actually trying to stay in a reasonable range, in the mid-range anywhere from $50.00 to $80.00 per piece.We just want people be able to enjoy and buy a set without completely breaking the bank and still get the quality that they deserve. Demography wise, we have a big High School to College range that is very big, so anywhere from 16-24 years old are our biggest clientele.

Women Starlight: Thank You so much for your time and Good Luck with your 2023 Collections.

Photo By: Marcello Cutti II/Women Starlight/Alluring Intimates


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