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NEW YORK, NY (SMI-WOMEN-GLOBAL-FASHION-FEB. 07-14, 2024)-New York Fashion Week/ Fall/Winter/2024 kicked-off in grandiose style with "Adore Me "Lingerie and Julie Colquitt, an art fashion wearable designer from Scotland exhibiting its latest collection as part of the 5-day fashion shows extravaganza hosted by Art Hearts Fashion in New York City.

Julie Colquitt is a crochet and contemporary fashion art wearable designer from St. Andrews, Scotland whose designs are 100% sustainable.


Colquitt started her business selling handcrafted crotchet bags by incorporating Yarn and silks in all her designs while expanding her business to the next level by designing erotic and free spirit art garments for the body.

A passionate women for arts and the crotchet designs, she embarked to build her successful business incorporating her own style with uniqueness and contemporary innovative arts designs on all her pieces.


Julie Colquitt popularity has grown tremendously with her couture ready to wear and vibrant handmade fashion that she is now dressing celebrities and selling her garments worldwide to the vibrant consumer with affordable prices.



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