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Photo: Jessica Krupa (Panty Promise's Creative Director & Founder)

NEW YORK, NY(SMI-WOMEN-FASHION, AUGUST 09, 2022 )-The leading and bi-annual lingerie and swimwear expo " Curve New York ", concluded its 2022 summer-edition with over 200+ brands from the US and abroad exhibiting the latest trends of the (2023 Spring-Summer) intimate apparel industry and few hundred buyers in attendance over the past weekend at Spring Studios, in New York City.

The 3-day expo was held once again at the luxurious Spring Studios where
a diversified list of brands from lingerie and swimwear occupied four floor   exhibiting its latest collection and most fashion runway shows takes place during New York fashion Week.

Alluring Intimate Illustrated, a division of Women Starlight Illustrated attended the Curve NY Expo during the 3-day summer-session and spoke with  Jessica Krupa, the creative director/Designer and founder of Panty Promise and this is what they said about her brand:

Women Starlight/Alluring Intimates: What's your name, title and brand that you represent ?

Jessica Krupa: My name is Jessica Krupa and I'm the founder and designer of Panty Promise based in West Palm Beach Florida.

Women Starlight/Alluring Intimates: How long you've been in business, exhibiting at CurveNY or any other Intimate Apparel Expo ?

Jessica Krupa: We've been in business for two years and this is a our third show effort. We also exhibited at Salon de la Lingerie in Paris, France.

Women Starlight/Alluring Intimates: What can you tell us about your brand and it's latest collection ?

Jessica Krupa: We are the first organic cotton seamless panty brand that actually has a Gynecologist as the medical adviser for the brand. So you can think a panty a day keeps the Gyno away. Our collection is timeless and everyday organic bases.

Women Starlight/Alluring Intimates: What can you tell us about the textiles and materials use in your brand ?

Jessica Krupa: It's organic cotton that's imported from Italy and the most luxurious cotton that is on the market which is good for the planet and women's health.

Women Starlight/Alluring Intimates: Does your brand specializes in any particular demographic or target audience ?

Jessica Krupa: We are an inclusive models. We offer an array of skin tones and sizes so women of all ethnicities and sizes can wear our brand.

Women Starlight/Alluring Intimates: Where do you sell your brand or is it available worldwide ?

Jessica Krupa: We are in over thirty retailers across Qatar, Iceland, Canada, South-America, and the United States.

Women Starlight/Alluring Intimates: How would you rate your brand standard, medium or high-end when it comes to prize range ?

Jessica Krupa: Suggested retail price between $22.00 to $28.00 depending in the style.

Women Starlight/Alluring Intimates: Thank You and Good Luck with your business.

Photo By: Marcello Cutti II/Women Starlight/Alluring Intimates

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