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Photo:Irene (Mother) & Irene De La Vega( Latin Designer)

Global Fashion Collective I Closed-Out NYFWK Spring/Summer 2022 in Magnificent Fashion..!

NEW YORK,NY(SMI-WOMEN-FASHION,09.08-09.14.21)-The Global Fashion Collective platform that specializes in featuring aspiring and stablished designers from diverse culture, closed-out the New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2022 in magnificent fashion-with two-outstanding shows that captivated the audience over the weekend in the heart of the Big Apple.


This season(Spring/Summer 2022) runway shows were presented in two separate edition entitled; Global Fashion Collective I & II.


Irene De La Vega(Latin-Designer: Mexico, women's)

Starlight had the opportunity to speak with Irene De la Vega of Mexico after a sensational runway show that she showcased in the Global Fashion Collective I and this is what she said:

Women Starlight: Congratulations, Great exhibition of your collection on the runway Today. What can you tell us about your Spring/Summer collection 2022 ?


Irene De La Vega: "My collections is inspired by the term " Renacer"

(Reborn, rebirth ). It's like when you feel that your dreams are slipping away and feel hopeless that all the doors or opportunities to succeed are closed. Then you try to find within yourself the strength that will help you to prosper in life and re-born with new ideas and dreams that will lead the way to fulfill all your dreams.


Re-Born represent nature, the colors, water, the rain, happiness and happiness in our hearts  in a world where we face so much adversity.

Women Starlight: Your Collection exhibited Today look very Feminine with Elegance, Please share with our audience your Style in few simple words ?

Irene De La Vega:  All my collections that I design is inspired by the women silhouette to look very sexy  but elegant, exquisite to keep-up to date with the modern fashion trends and show some coquette tendencies but not too much.


Women Starlight: How long have you being a Fashion designer and

It's your first time exhibiting your collection at NYFWK or in the US ? 

Irene De La Vega:  I've been designing for 11 years and I grew-up learning fashion from my mother who is also a designer.

What is her name? She is also named Irene.

Women Starlight :Will you consider her your inspiration as well ?

Irene De La Vega: Sure, Of course.

Women Starlight: Thank You so much for your time and Good Luck with your collection.

Article Written & Photos By Marcello Cutti Jr.

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