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HARRISON,NJ(SMI-WOMEN-SPORTS,09.04.21)-Gotham FC used a solid defensive line to stop Chicago Stars offensive attack in game that ended in a scoreless draw during Latinx day celebration at RedBulls Arena in Harrison, NJ.


With the draw of 0-0, Gotham snapped its three-game losing streak, gained a point for its season total of 22 points and still in 7th place in the NWSL standings.


A very tight game from the start as the visitors took control of the ball in the first half and went to the offensive in search of opening the score during the entire half.


Gotham's defensive line closed all the gaps and neutralized Chicago numerous counter-attacks through side corners

that resulted out play or saved by goalkeeper Kailen Sheridan.

In the second half, New York improved and balanced the game by controlling the ball and consecutive offensive attacks without any major danger against Chicago goal-line defended by goalkeeper Cassie Miller.

A very physical and tight game that could it being won by either team but ended in a draw benefiting both teams with a point in the NWSL standings.

Gotham FC next game will be versus the North Carolina Courage on September 25,2021 at RedBulls Arena.


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