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Photo:Eva Rorandelli (Evaro Italia Founder/Creative Director

NEW YORK, NY(SMI-GLOBAL-WOMEN-FASHION SEPT 11-19, 2023)- The fashion platform: "Global Fashion Collective " known for showcasing a diverse line-up of renowned and aspiring fashion designers from all over the world concluded its NYFWK Spring 2024 edition with Evaro Italia(Italy), Miyabi (Japan) & Makira (Latin: Mexico) highlighted the shows on its NYFWK runway debuts in Manhattan, NYC.
About Evaro Italia: 
Evaro is an Italian women's evening wear brand founded by Eva Rorandelli, offering gracefully crafted garments that brings sophistication and elegance to contemporary fashion.

Rorandelli is not new to the fashion world since she helped her late father Remo Rorandelli built an empire manufacturing leather shoes and accessories for over 5-decades in Florence, Italy, placing the Evaro brand into the global luxury fashion stage for its timeless elegance and refined craftsmanship.

In addition to her extensive experience with her family business in fashion, Eva studied painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence and fashion design in New York City.

Women Starlight attended the NYFWK Spring 2024 fashion show of Avero Italia and spoke to the creative director and founder Eva Rorandelli prior to the runway show, and this is what she said about her latest collection:

Women Starlight: What's your name and the brand you represent ?

Eva Rorandelli: My name Eva Rorandelli and I'm the founder and creative director of Evaro Italia based in Florence, Italy.

Women Starlight: How long have you been in the business, exhibiting at Global Fashion Collective or showcase in other major city during Fashion Week ? 

Eva Rorandelli: I've been in business for 10-years and this is my first time exhibiting in New York during NYFWK. I'm basically making my debut at NY Fashion Week.Also, I showcased previous collection at Vancouver Fashion Week in 2019, with Global Fashion Collective as well.

Women Starlight: what's the name of the collection that you are exhibiting on the runway for the NYFWK Spring 2024, and what can you tell us about It ?

Eva Rorandelli: The name of the collection is called Miraggi(Italian for Mirage) and everything is made and done in my Atelier(French for Designer studio or workshop) in Florence, Italy. The collection is inspire about Italy, like a safari and all its beauty into the wonders of Italy. There are beautiful laces, silks, brocades, a lot prints and colors that are very timeless, chic & simple. It's a high fashion; there are many couture pieces, handmade garments and a lot hand-sewing. We are exhibiting 12-looks on the runway with variety of colors from lime green, burgundy, and others as well handbags, jewelry and accessories all made in Italy. 

Women Starlight:  Do you sell globally and are there any particular major store or boutique that carry your brand to be available for the global audience ?

Eva Rorandelli: We do small limited edition collections and we don't do mass production since we do everything In-house. Our major market is the United States and other major countries beside Italy.We have our own boutiques and we sell online as well through exclusive boutiques around the world. 

Women Starlight: Thank You so much and Good Luck with the " Miraggi" Collection.    

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