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Photo:Stacy Christensen (COO & Head designer of "Demery Jayne Collections"

NEW YORK YORK(SMI-Alluring-Women-Fashion, 08.06.21)-Curvexpo, the leading and bi-annual intimate apparel convention in the US-held its 2nd annual NPD & Curve Excellence Awards this past Sunday August 01, announcing the winners of best performing brands and retailers of the intimates apparel industry, during its first 2-days in-person 2021 CurveNY summer symposium since August 2020 @ Spring Studios in New York City.

The Bi-coastal intimate apparel trade show that take place in New York and Los Angeles on the first week of February and August every year,  gather 

brands and retailers(Buyers) from the US and international to showcase the latest trends from the intimate apparel and swimwear industry and build business relationship with retailers.

Alluring Intimate Illustrated, a division of Women Starlight that specializes in covering the intimate apparel industry attended the trade show and spoke with Stacy Christensen , COO and head designer from ' Demery Jayne Collections ', a brand that specializes in Luxury Lingerie and Swimwear and this is what she said:

Alluring Intimates:What is your name and where's the Brand from ?

Stacy Christensen: My name is Stacy Christensen and I design the Demery Jayne Collections brand.The line was designed and developed in Italy and we manufacture also in Europe. The line is ship to Us from the manufacturer in Europe and stock in our warehouse in Utah, US. We ship out Worldwide from our Utah facility.


Alluring Intimates:When & Where was the "Demery Jayne Collections" brand launched and how is your brand rated in the industry? 

Stacy Christensen: The line was launched in 2020 in Paris and we had a difficult time here(USA) due to Covid-19. We are a premium brand, we are definitely in a premium side, we are very luxury as far as quality but our price is more premium. We are a luxury brand with a premium price.    

Alluring Intimates: Is this your first time exhibiting at Curve New York and what other intimate apparel conventions had you attended showcasing the  " Demery Jayne Collections" ?

Stacy Christensen:  This is our second time exhibiting at Curve NY and our first time since the Covid-19. We've also had shown at the Manhattan Beach Curve (Curve Los Angeles in Manhattan Beach).

Alluring Intimates: What can you tell us about your design concepts and how is the business overall  ?

Stacy Christensen:The line is unique and designed with a vintage flair

and it's inner-actable, so you can wear it ready-wear, wear it for swim, beach and resorts. I mean it's a travel-line and all of the pieces in are match together so the line is made to be wear together. Our sales orders are fantastics and business overall are great with monthly orders from stores. 

Alluring Intimates:We notice that you have a multi-color brand samples on the racks in the background & what can you tell us about it ?

Stacy Christensen: The color paulette that we did it for the "Translusense Collection " it's more muted tone because it's was a natural color for women to be comfortable and not wear something too bright. When we developed the Bellezza line which is our line for the 2022 Spring-Summer, was developed with color paulette to trend into the season bringing more colors into the line. Our swimmer

collection will be available in March 2022 , which will incorporate  intimate and lingerie with this line (Bellezza) and we are not yet ready to show but will have them ready at the end of the year.

Alluring Intimates: Thank You very much for your time and good luck with the " Demery Jayne Collections " . 

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