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PHOTO: Laurence Beliveau (CENTER:Creative Director/Designer for Montelle,Fleur't & Fleur't With Me Intimates )

Laurence Beliveau of Montelle & Fleur't Intimates  Close-Out 2018-2019 Curve New York Fall-Winter with Another Successful Exhibition in New York City…!

NEW YORK(SMI-WIRE,03.01.18)The Curve New York Mode Lingerie & Swim Expo, concluded its 2018-2019 Fall Winter last Wednesday with another sensational exhibition of the global latest trends of lingerie & swimwear brands on its Bi-Annual Expo at Jacob Javits center, in the heart of New York City.


Curve New York, a divison of Eurovet, host two annual lingerie & swim expo in the US(New York & Las Vegas), bringing US, global brands & buyers to exhibit & buy the latest trends of the Intimates industry.

During this 2018-2019 fall-winter three days expo, Alluring Intimates Illustrated; a division of Starlight Media Illustrated, that specializes in covering Intimates Apparel Events( Lingerie & Swimwear) attended and interviewed few of the brands that exhibited at Curve New York, including the creative director/designer of the Canadian's Montelle & Fleur't Intimates Laurence Beliveau.

Alluring Intimates: What brands do you represent & where are they from?

Laurence Beliveau: I'm the designer for Montelle, Fleur't & Fluer't with Me and the brands are from Canada.

We also have two other brands that we are having a partnership But I'm not designing them and those are Miel & Luseme. 

Alluring Intimates: What can you tell us about your brands and what do you bring to Curve New York this 2018-2019 Fall-Winter season ? 

Laurence Beliveau:Obviusly a lot of novelty, for Montelle we have some new ligaments and and we have super bust support, we also try to reach big sizes bust and as far for Fleur't, We are bringing a new collection with cashmere inside, we have a super good bust support chemise as usual and Fleur't with Me is being a really mix & match story this season, blending all different styles, new stuff fabric touch for winter. Miel is featuring some new colors and Luseme is also releasing a new styles and releasing specialty for women having sweating problems at nights.

Alluring Intimates Illustrated: Thank You so much for your time and Good Luck with your new designs this season.

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