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NEW YORK YORK(SMI-Alluring-Women-Fashion, 08.06.21)-Curvexpo, the leading and bi-annual intimate apparel convention in the US-held its 2nd annual NPD & Curve Excellence Awards this past Sunday August 01, announcing the winners of best performing brands and retailers of the intimates apparel industry, during its first 2-days in-person 2021 CurveNY summer symposium since August 2020 @ Spring Studios in New York City.

The Bi-coastal intimate apparel trade show that take place in New York and Los Angeles on the first week of February and August every year,  gather 

brands and retailers(Buyers) from the US and international to showcase the latest trends from the intimate apparel and swimwear industry and build business relationship with retailers.

Alluring Intimate Illustrated, a division of Women Starlight that specializes in covering the intimate apparel industry attended the trade show and visited the booth of  Conturelle, a global luxury lingerie company from Germany,  and one of the exhibitors at the 2021 Curve New York symposium. 

Conturelle is a global lingerie brand with distribution companies throughout Europe.It focus in manufacturing its line with the best materials, high quality production and achieving the perfect fit and comfort.The spectrum includes a modern lingerie for everyday needs, sensual lingerie accented with lace and embroidery, and functional shapewear.

Photo: Model shown below wearing a Conturelle lingerie at the 2021 Curvexpo in New York City.

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