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Photo: Fliss Henderson, Abbey Hsu & Cecelia Collins

NEW YORK, NY(SMI-WOMEN-SPORTS-UNIVERSITY-FEB 02, 2024)- Forwards Cecelia Collins, Abbey Hsu, and the Australian sisters Kitty and Fliss Henderson combined for 70-points  in the attack as the Columbia Lions defeated the Harvard Crimson
82-70, on Pride Night and during Ivy League play at L
evien Gymnasium, Columbia University in New York City.

With the victory, the Lions improve to 14-5, overall record, 5-1, in Ivy league conference, and recorded its 12-win in the last 13-games.  

Columbia went to offensive from the start and built an impressive 11-point lead in the first 4' minute of the first period with top-scorer Abby Hsu, Fliss and Kitty Henderson netting a triple each, and Cecelia Collins scoring 6-points with 3-Jumpers from inside the paint to put the Lions in front 19-8, with 5:45 left in the first frame.

Harvard answered back with a 9-2, run during a 3' minute span to cut the deficit of Columbia 21-17, with 2:55 left in the first period.Crimson's guard Harmoni Turner scored couple jumpers from inside the paint while Abigail Wright scored with a layup and Katie Krupa added 2-points with a jumper. 

With 2-minute remaining in the first period, Lion's forward Perri Page scored back-to-back layups and Abbey Hsu netted her 2nd triple to closed-out the first frame with Columbia in front 28-17.

In the second period, the Crimsons regained their compos
ure and kept the game score close within 4, executing a 15-9, run with Katie Krupa, Harmoni Turner amd Lola Mullaney netting a triple each and Saniyah Glenn scoring with a jumper to make it 37-33, in favor of Columbia with 4' minute left in the 2nd period.

With 3:40 left in the second frame, Kitty Henderson and Cecelia Collins combined for 5-points with a triple and couple FTs to make it 42-35, but the Crimsons answered back with 7-0, run with Mona Zaric netting a triple while Harmonic Turner and Katie Krupa scoring with a jumper each to tie the game 42-42, at the half.

In the 3rd period, the Lions came-out all fired-out and regained the lead
 by 7, during a 11-4, run in a span of  4' to go in front 53-44, with 5:41 left in the third frame.Cecilia Collins scored 6-points with 2 jumpers and a layup and Abbey Shu scoring her third triple of the night. 

With 3:30 left in the third and the Lions leading 58-50, Fliss and Kitty Henderson combined for 6-consecutive points with couple layups and a jumper while Susie Rafiu scored with a layup to make it 65-55, Columbia over Harvard at the end of the third period.  

The Crimsons did not back down and began the fourth quarter with 8-3, run in a span of 2.5' minute to cut the deficit by 5.Katie Krupa led the attack for Harvard with a triple and a layup while Saniyah Glenn added a bucket with layup.

Columbia re-grouped and bounced-back with a ferocious offensive attack and solid defensive line in the last 5-minute of the final frame with 14-7, run that sealed the victory for the Lions of 82-70, over Harvard. Kitty Henderson led the offensive attack with  6-points including a jumper, layup and couple FTs while Cecilia Collins added couple baskets with jumper and layup and Fliss Henderson scoring the final 2-points in the win for Columbia. 

The Lions were led by Cecelia Collins with 20-points, and Abby Hsu scored 19-points, 4-Triples and 6-Rebounds. Kitty Henderson added 18-points, 2-triples & 4-rebounds while her sister Fliss Henderson added 13-points and 8-rebounds in
the win. 

In other Ivy League Scores:

Dartmouth  47       Cornell  61

Brown 56                Penn     77

Yale 59                    Princeton 79


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