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Photo: Christina Andrade Brenner ("Brendratti's Creative Director & Founder)

MIAMI, FL (SMI-WOMEN-ALLURING-FASHION-07-16-23, 2023)-The Miami SwimWeek "The Shows " known as one of the largest swimwear runway festival in the world, concluded its 2023 annual edition exhibiting over 60+ renowned and emerging brands combined and 50+ exotic and vibrant swimwear fashion shows  with Sports Illustrated ' Swimsuit ', Maaji (Colombia, South-America) and Miami's Alvin Valley runway shows highlighted the week of the festival at " W " & SLS Hotels last weekend in South-Beach Miami, Florida.
Miami Swim Week is an annual swimsuit, resort and intimate apparel trade event where brands and designers from all over the world attend to exhibit their latest collections and summer trends of the swimwear industry whether showcasing on a trade show or fashion shows to gain global exposure.

In addition to the runway shows, there were three swimwear Expo/Conventions that took place over the weekend during 2023 Miami SwimWeek; the SwimShow and Cabana Show at Miami Beach Convention Center, and the Hammock.

Women Starlight visited the SwimShow & spoke with Christina Andrade Brenner, the Creative director/Founder of the label " Brendratti " from Venezia, Italy and this is what she said about her brand:

Women Starlight: What's your name, title and the brand that you represent ?

Christina Andrade Brenner: My name is Christina Andrade Brenner, and I'm the Creative director/Founder of the label " Brendratti " from Venezia, Italy.We are based in Italy
and we also have an office in California.

Women Starlight: How long have You been exhibiting at SwimShow ?

Christina Andrade Brenner: This is actually our first launch of the brand
" Brendatti " but we've had exhibited other brands back in 2001, 2002, & 200
3 at Swimshow. I used to do Skiwear and Golf but now we are launching a swimwear line with " Brendratti ".

Women Starlight: What can you tell us about your brand, its name and latest collection ?

Christina Andrade Brenner:This collection is very special because all designs are created with our own In-house design team.Each print is develop and designed very specifically for the color and the style.The inspiration comes all from Venezia, and some figures on the print are actually the arm of the Venezia's Murano glass Chandelier with a small flower as well our medallion prints come with flowers, like I said all inspirations comes from Venezia and it's very beautiful. A 100% made in Italy, and we use a lot recycle materials which is very important nowadays, it's 100% cotton which mean is organic but very designer/luxury. We also do some special cover-up with inset with the same fabric and materials.

The name of our brand " Brendratti " derives from my name and my husband's surname. Bren=Brenner & Dratti=Andrade.   

Women Starlight: How will you rate you brand Medium or Luxury, and your target demographic ?

Christina Andrade Brenner: Luxury, and our price range starts at 2-piece bathing-suit around $300.00. We target high-end consumers and based demographic ranges from 35+ and Up. 

Women Starlight: What colors is your brand carrying this season or upcoming season beside the standard colors ?

Christina Andrade Brenner: Copper Metallic, Blue, Pink, Orange, Yellow and others.

The model on the photo above wearing the Copper metallic outfit is part of the collection called " Portofino," inspired by the city of Portofino in Italy for the idea of traveling, visi
ting Italy, and it's a beautiful place where the wealthy people shops and spend their holidays. The whole outfit cost around $600.00

Women Starlight: Thank You and Good luck with your new brand " Brendratti"

Photo By: Marcello Cutti II/Women Starlight/Alluring Intimates


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