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CURVE New York Concludes Its 2020 Lingerie-Swimwear Spring- Summer Edition with an Exotic Ending..! 

NEW YORK, NY(ALLURING-08.04-08.06.19)-Curve, the leading Lingerie-Swimwear trade platform in the US, concluded its 3-days Eastcoast Lingerie & Swinwear trade show: "Curve New York: Spring-Summer 2020 " with an exotic ending, showcasing leading exhibitors and latest trends of the intimate apparel industry from around the world in the Big Apple.


This bi-annual trade lingerie-swimwear show produced by Eurovet Americas, bring together exhibitors and buyers to connect & build business relationships within the Intimate Apparel industry.


There were over 100's exhibitors combined that attended this 3-days summer-edition trade show and buyers whom traveled from around the US to buy the latest trends of  Lingerie & Swimwear industry held bi-annual at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in NYC.

During the 3-days trade show, Alluring Intimates Illustrated,

" The Global Source of The Intimate Apparel Industry ", attended and managed to visit and asked couple questions to two European exhibitors:


Brigitte Chauchon (International Business Director ): 

Maisonlejabi Lingerie & SwimWear From France

Michael Thompson:( The owner of Charnos )

Charnos Lingerie & SwimWear from England  

Alluring Intimates : What is your name and what can you tell us                                                about your brand ?

Michael Thompson: My name is Michael Thompson and I'm the owner of the lingerie & swimwear brand " Charnos " that has been in business for 125 years.We have three brands overall;  " Pour Moi "(French: For Me "), that was created by myself 15 years ago and "Audelle",  it's brand new for the season and they are all from the U.K. 

Alluring Intimates: What is the specialty of the your brand ?

Michael Thompson:Our specialty is to go from  "A to J Cup", U.K. sizes

to 4XL and We do lingerie and we do swimwear.

Alluring Intimates: We notice that you are carrying a multi-color designs as part of you stock beside black, any particular reason for that and how is you brand rated price-wise ? 

Michael Thomson: Yes, we sell color well and it's part of our branding.

Regarding about price, I believe we are an entry-price brand and so in the department stores, we are always the most competitives.

Alluring Intiamtes:Thank You so much for your time and we wish you                                     good luck with your business.



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