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Photo: Carolina, Alexa Kusulas, Lorena de La Arza & Daniela Cruz

Global Fashion Collective Closed-Out NYFWK Spring/Summer 2022 in Magnificent Fashion..!

NEW YORK,NY(SMI-WOMEN-FASHION,09.08-09.14.21)-The Global Fashion Collective platform that specializes in featuring aspiring and stablished designers from diverse culture, closed-out the New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2022 in magnificent fashion-with two-outstanding shows that captivated the audience over the weekend in the heart of the Big Apple.


This season(Spring/Summer 2022) runway shows were presented in two separate edition entitled; Global Fashion Collective I & II.

Women Starlight had the opportunity to speak with aspiring designers from Mexico-who are about to graduate from the CEDIM School of Design and showcased their collections on the runway at Global Fashion Collective and this is what they said:


Carolina K: The collections devides in two- themes: Devoir and Resourceful. I'm resourceful and they are Devoir. My collection is called "In lavender Ville",  it's kind of a portrait of a women living in a countryside by herself.

Daniela Cruz: My collection name is "Overlover" and the inspiration is like overthinking  like the journey I've been with that.Life is really hard and I just wanted to show the feelings that I felt in this collection through the texture  and colors like really colorful. The name comes from with something I learned with this journey like I think to overlove and think on people.


Alexa Kusulas:My collection is called " Hysteria ". It's inspired  on the metaphorical phrase " Don't Judge a book by its cover". It's also inspired with the aesthetic of the witches and I took on the concept with the idea that every time we are called witches, most people take it as an insult but in reality the meaning of the word "Witches " it's beautiful.These are my principle inspirations like Gothic concepts and nature as well.


Lorena De La Arza: My collection is called "Project Stage" and it's about some young adults who are trying to find a way out from a government oppression.It's based on a story that I created on my imagination, and  through the colors it shows how they are not allow to express themselves and not having any feelings.It also relates to the new technology, the ibors  and how the new generation will lead us into the future.      



CEDIM The School of Design(Mexico, women's)

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