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Photo: Ben Drori ("SunKissed" Creative Director & Founder)

MIAMI, FL (SMI-WOMEN-ALLURING-FASHION-07-25, 2023)-The Miami SwimWeek "The Shows " known as one of the largest swimwear runway festival in the world, concluded its 2023 annual edition exhibiting over 60+ renowned and emerging brands combined and 50+ exotic and vibrant swimwear fashion shows  with Sports Illustrated ' Swimsuit ', Maaji (Colombia, South-America) and Miami's Alvin Valley runway shows highlighted the week of the festival at " W " & SLS Hotels last weekend in South-Beach Miami, Florida.
Miami Swim Week is an annual swimsuit, resort and intimate apparel trade event where brands and designers from all over the world attend to exhibit their latest collections and summer trends of the swimwear industry whether showcasing on a trade show or fashion shows to gain global exposure.

In addition to the runway shows, there were three swimwear Expo/Conventions that took place over the weekend during 2023 Miami SwimWeek; the SwimShow and Cabana Show at Miami Beach Convention Center, and the Hammock.

Women Starlight visited the Cabana Trade Show & spoke with Ben Drori, the Creative director/Founder of the label " SunKissed " from Atlanta, GA/Israel and this is what He said about his brand:

Women Starlight: What's your name, title and the brand that you represent ?

Ben Drori: My name is Ben Drori,
 and I'm the Creative director/Founder of the label
" SunKissed " from Atlanta, Georgia, USA/Israel.

Women Starlight: How long have You been exhibiting at Cabana TradeShow ?

Ben Drori: This is our first time and we are having a good time here.

Women Starlight: What can you tell us about your brand, its name and latest collection ?

Ben Drori: I started the brand in Tel-Aviv, Israel with a beach towel collection 4-years ago and now I'm launching a swimwear line called as the brand " SunKissed ".
How I got into the business?, Well, I was doing real Estate development for few years, I liked it at the time.One morning at construction site, I figure how can I make more money doing something more fun, exiting and Cool, and I know some people do make some money doing this type of business.

It took us about a year to create the first line while manufacturing it in Turkey.Our towels are sustainable and organic cotton, and the sand doesn't stick once you shake it the sand is gone. We wanted to make a product that was very convenience, compact, fun to travel  with, you can wear it and you can lay on it. It's has been a fun ride and quite a success so far.

The inspiration of our brand is a combination of locations, destinations, colors and cultures it all gets down to that.  I spent a lot time in Mexico creating the first line. I traveled to the cities of Tulum and Merida for my inspirations to create my line.Mexico is very relaxing, so fun and colorful, tasty and the music is like lift your spirit. Also, the City of Ibiza, Spain where I do my photoshoot is a lovely city and I like the culture as well
Tel-Aviv that is very colorful.

The Bikini fabrics comes from Italy, and we finish the stitching in China.

Women Starlight: How will you rate you brand Medium or Luxury, and your target demographic ?

Ben Drori: Luxury and our price range starts at 2-piece Bikini set around $140.00. Our target demographic ranges from 16+ to 45+. 
Women Starlight:Thank You & Good luck with your new swimwear line "SunKissed"

Photo By: Marcello Cutti II/Women Starlight/Alluring Intimates


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