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Photo: Aubade Lingerie & Model wearing Aubade Paris SwimSuit

NEW YORK, NY(SMI-WOMEN-FASHION, AUGUST 13, 2022 )-The leading and bi-annual lingerie and swimwear expo " Curve New York ", concluded its 2022 summer-edition with over 200+ brands from the US and abroad exhibiting the latest trends of the (2023 Spring-Summer) intimate apparel industry and few hundred buyers in attendance over the past weekend(July 31-August 02,) at Spring Studios, in New York City.

The 3-day expo was held once again at the luxurious Spring Studios where
a diversified list of brands from lingerie and swimwear occupied four floor   exhibiting its latest collection and most fashion runway shows takes place during New York fashion Week.

Alluring Intimate Illustrated, a division of Women Starlight Illustrated attended the Curve NY Expo during the 3-day summer-session and spoke with Kristine Eckart, Operation and Marketing Director with Easton International representing " Aubade Paris " and " Gossard " and this is what she said about the 2023 Spring-Summer collection of both brands:

Women Starlight/Alluring Intimates: What's your name, title and brand that you represent ?

Kristine Eckart: I'm Kristine Eckart for Eastern International. I'm the operations and marketing director and this is Aubade Paris.  

Women Starlight/Alluring Intimates: What can you tell Us about Aubade 2023 Spring-Summer collection ?

Kristine Eckart: Aubade Paris means " Love Poem " for Paris, France. For Spring-Summer 2023, Aubade really has a Nuddy and Romantic tropical field. This is something that will put you definite in a room for more romance, a little sensual, a little dark but also there are some really great bright colors. Aubade always excel at its embroideries and laces and that's always highlighted in the collections like in this year 2023 Spring-Summer.   

Women Starlight/Alluring Intimates: What are the colors that you bringing for the 2023 Spring-Summer collection ?

Kristine Eckart: We are bringing Evergreen, Joy Pink, Electric Blue, Flower Mania in Bright Red, and Nour Black.

Women Starlight/Alluring Intimates: How would you rate the "Aubade " brand
in terms of quality and prize range to consumers ?

Kristine Eckart: This is definite a Luxury range brand with a bra starting at $120.00 and when you get to the luxury collections you can get to $300.00 to $500.00 dollars.

Women Starlight/Alluring Intimates: What other brands are you exhibiting at CurveNY Expo ?

Kristine Eckart: "Gossard " is an English brand from the United Kingdom.They are a combination of fashion and fits.It's a body positive brand.They want consumers to feel good every single day not just the celebration days but every day to feel beautiful and elegant.

 Women Starlight/Alluring Intimates: Tell us about the colors of
the "Gossard " brand, quality and prize range of  its 2023 Spring-Summer collection ?

Kristine Eckart: White, Purple Workit, Pink Glow colorway, Mango Surbet, & VIP Rapture (Dark Blue). This brand is an affordable premium brand and one of the most popular lace bra starts at $62.00 retail price.

Women Starlight/Alluring Intimates: Thank You very much for your time.

Photo By: Marcello Cutti II/Women Starlight/Alluring Intimates

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