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NEW YORK, NY (SMI-WOMEN-GLOBAL-FASHION-FEB. 07-14, 2024)-New York Fashion Week/ Fall/Winter/2024 kicked-off in grandiose style with "Adore Me "Lingerie and Julie Colquitt, an art fashion wearable designer from Scotland exhibiting its latest collection as part of the 5-day fashion shows extravaganza hosted by Art Hearts Fashion in New York City.

"Adore Me" who was acquired last year by Victoria Secret debuted its latest collection
" Romance Novella " with 64-looks on the runway, inspired by their very own Spring, Valentine's Day, and Bridal Collections and accompanied by a narration of a love story in three separate sections:

1)Romance, love and beginning of the relationships featuring the "Valentine's Collection"
2) "Ups & Down of Love and relationships" with a spring collection &
3) "Love always Betray Us" with the Bridal Collection.

The runway shows concluded with an standing ovation of the sold-out crowd that gathered to witness this much anticipated lingerie show, and special performance by the Grammy-Award winning singer Ashanti singing some of her hits singles "Foolish ", Rock with You " and "Mesmerize" to closed-out the night. 


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