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The Iconic Australian Film " Muriel's Wedding ", Celebrated It's 25th Year Anniversary with Special Screening and Apperance of Starring Cast, Toni Collette at The 2019 Australian International Screen Forum in New York City…!

NEW YORK,NY(SMIWIRE-03.19-03.22.19)-The iconic Australian comedy-drama film " Muriel's Wedding ", written and directed by renowned Aussie's director, J.P. Hogan(My Best Friend's Wedding), celebrated its 25th year anniversary with a special screening and apperance of starring cast, Toni Collette, during a Q&A and third day of the 2019 Annual Australian International Screen Forum at The Walter Reade Theater, Lincoln Center in Manhattan.

 "Muriel's Wedding ", can be considered one of the major Australian's blockbuster film of the past three decades, that has played a tremendous role in the evolution of the Australia Cinema industry. The evolution not only created the discovering of the talented actresses, Toni Collette and Rachel Griffiths, but placing Australia in the center global film stage by creating new opportunities for Australian's actors and filmmakers around the world

Muriel's Wedding is a 1994 Australian comedy drama movie, where celebrities actors Toni Collette, Rachel Griffiths, Jeanie Drynan, Sophie Lee, and Bill Hunter,  focuses on the socially awkward Muriel whose ambition is to have a glamorous wedding  and improve her personal life by moving from her small hometown, the fictional Porpoise Spit, to Sydney.

The film received multiple award nominations including  Toni Collette being  nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture-Musical or Comedy.

After the conclusion of the special screening and coversation with Toni Collette and Dan Wyllie at the Walter Reade Theater, Mr. Chris Beale,(Chairman of the Australian Interantional Screen Forum), walked onto the stage and presented Toni Collette with " The Pioneering Woman Film Award ", on behalf of the Australian International Screen forum for her leading role in " Muriel's Wedding ", which was a tranforming film for the Australian industry and her groundbreaking work internationally.

Toni Collette received the award with tears and thanked the audience and Mr. Beale for the award.

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