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Photo: Virginie Mecene, Bradley Shelver,Chan Hon Goh,Christopher Moore,Sacha Yapparov,Rio Mitani,Jean-Hugues Feray,Valentina Kozlova

NEW YORK, NY(SMI-WOMEN-ENTERTAINMENT-ARTS-APRIL 18-24, 2023)-The Valentina Koslova International Ballet competition concluded its 4-day annual 2023 edition in fashionable style this Friday's evening (April 21,) announcing and awarding the winners of the classical and contemporary competitions during a post-gala finale medal award ceremony at the Kaye Playhouse Theater, Manhattan, NYC.

The VKIBC founded by the former ballerina from Russia Valentina Kozlova, it's known for attracting ballet dancers from around the world, and where selected qualified contestants are invited to compete for medals, scholarships, contracts and prizes annually.

The ballet competition is divided in two sections:

The Classical ranges from ages (9-26) and 5 divisions (Pre Youth), Youth, Student, Junior & Senior.

The Contemporary also is divided in 5-Divisions: Solo Division I , Solo Division II , 

Solo Division III , Duet Division & Ensemble (no age requirement).

In addition to the ballet divisions and dancers, the competition brings a line-up of
reputable judges with extensive expertise in the field of ballet and score the contestants based on their talent and abilities, and not persuaded on school status, teacher or coach.


2023 Classical Jurors/Judges:Nina Ananiashvili(Georgia), Maurice Brandon Curry(USA),

Jean-Hugues Feray(France), Chan Hon Goh (Canada), Gladisa Guadalupe(USA), Sun Hee Kim (South-America), Brooklyn Mack(USA), Rio Mitani(Japan), Christopher Moore(England),

Mikko Nissinen(USA), Bradley Shelver(USA), Adam Sklute(USA), Sergie Soloviev(France),

Clotilde Vayer(France), Sabir Yapparov(USA), & Michael Zubkov.

2023 Contemporary Jurors/Judges: Mi Sook Jeon (South-Korea), Virginie Mecene (USA), Steven Melendez(USA), Melanie Person( USA), & Ricardo Scheir(Brazil).

2023 Contemporary Competition Medal Winners:


Bronze: Not Defeated , Paraguay 

Silver: Point of View, Brazil

Silver: Catharsis, Paraguay

Duet: Bronze Precisamos Falar Sobre O Ser, Brazil

Contemporary Division I


Bronze: Gabriela Caldeira, Brazil

Silver: Kiara Gouveia Fiorante, Brazil

Silver: Julia Florencio, Brazil


Gold: Henzo Pietro Ferreira, Brazil

Contemporary Div II



Luiza Maylinch , Brazil

Isabella Mota, Brazil


Luisa Lisboa, Brazil

Rita Zampieri, Brazil


YuEun Jeon, South-Korea

Minji Kim, South-Korea


Gold: Jin Hwan Seo, South-Korea

Contemporary Div III



Ji Eun Jung, South Korea

Da Kyung Kim, South-Korea


Hae-Seung Shin, South-Korea

JungWon Min, South-Korea


Seohyun Baek, South Korea

Contemporary Div III


Ji Eun Jung, South Korea

Da Kyung Kim, South Korea


Hae-Seung Shin, South Korea

JungWon Min, South Korea


Seonhyun Baek, South Korea


Silver: Mingyun Kim, South-Korea

Gold: David Rocha, Brazil

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