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NEW YORK, NY(SMI-SPORTS-UNIVERSITY-02.24-28-2023)-The 2-day 2023 Div III Northeast Regional Diving championship concluded with 5-women divers: Issara Schmidt (NYU), Rachel Loh(MIT), Emma Scott (MIT), Sydney Bluestein & Donna Zhang from Amherst College qualifying to the NCAA Div III national women championships hosted by NYU University over the weekend (Fri. Feb 24 & Sat. Feb. 25) at NYU Palladium Athletic Facility in New York City.

Forty-seven divers composed of 29-women and 18-men from 14-Universities including NYU, competed over the weekend in the NCAA Div III Northeast Regional Diving competition hosted by NYU, in search to earn a spot in the upcoming NCAA national championship to take place in Greensboro, North Carolina from March 15-18, 2023.


The NCAA Div III Universities and Colleges who participated were:NYU (#10 Men & Women), Williams College (#5 men, #3 women), the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (#6 men, #7 women), Amherst College (#22 men and women), Bowdoin College, Mount Holyoke College, Tufts University, Colby College, Bridgewater State University, the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, Rensselaer Polytechnic Instititute, Springfield College, Connecticut College, and Hartwick College. 

Rules: The top-four divers in both 1m & 3m will qualify in the women competition with additional 4-berth available in every region. While in the men, the first four finishers in both 1m & 3m will qualified as well.

Find below the unofficial list of divers qualifying for the 2023 NCAA Div III Diving National Championship from the Northeast Regional Div III Diving competition.

Note : The Official list of qualifying athletes will be released tomorrow by the NCAA

In the women competition:

Issara Schmidt (NYU) won both diving competitions scoring 435.20 in the 3m and 425.90 in the 1m competition to finish in first place and qualifying to the national championship.









Sydney Bluestein(Amherst College) qualified to the National championships finishing second in both competitions scoring 430.55 in the 3m diving, and 421.15 in the 1m diving while teammate Donna Zhang finished 3rd in the 3m diving with 418.65 and scored 404.65 in the 1m to finished 4th and qualified as well to the nationals.



Emma Scott(MIT) qualified to the nationals scoring 412.40 and taking fourth place in the 3m diving while teammate Rachel Loh (MIT) finished third in the 1m diving registering 408.20 and qualifying as well to the national championships.

















In the men competition:


Kobe Tray(William College) won both competitions by scoring  474.95 in the 1m and 537.20 in the 3m to qualified first in the men competition.


David Benko(MIT) qualified to the nationals finishing 2nd in the 1m diving with 466.65 and scoring 455.50 to take third place in the 3m diving competition.


Luca Brashear (Springfield College) qualified to the Men's national championship taking 4th place in the 1m diving with 425.50 and finishing 2nd with 481.60 in the 3m diving competition.


Photo: Issara Schmidt & Katherine Nardone
Photo: Donna Zhang & Sydney Bluestein
Photo: Emma Scott,Katelin Du, Rachel Loh & Kelsey O'Neill (MIT Diving Coach)
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