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MIAMI, FL(SMI-WOMEN-FASHION-JULY 19-22, 2022)-The 2022 Miami SwimWeek /The Shows concluded in magnificent fashion last Sunday (July 17,) after hosting a week of events and over 70+ swimsuit models runway shows during a hot-summer week at SLS Hotel in South Beach Miami, Florida.

Miami has become the Mecca or the Capital of the Swimsuit as Miami SwimWeek/the Shows held its annual Swimsuit model runways shows, where swimsuit/resorts brands from all over the world gather to exhibit its latest collections and trends of the swimwear apparel industry.

There were  over 150+ overall runways shows  during this annual 2022 Miami SwimWeek that takes place every year during the summer, where exhibiting brands, buyers and press/media organizations meet every year in South Beach Miami to attend the week of festivities of glamour, fashion and after-parties for entertainment.

Find below a photo gallery of some of the brands that exbited its collection during a runway show at 2022 Miami Swimweek/The Shows:
Supermodel Swimwear, Banana Moon, Ivy Swimwear, Haitian Doll By Jo Bella, Brasilia Swim, Beach Cult, Dobikinis, Breezy Swimwear, Anna Swimwear, Mineral Melange Swim, Ounsiraylic, Shine Lai, Uplive X Hekka , Sapia Simone, The Diva Kurves Collection, Porshia, Kass Swim, Swim with Poppies,Bikinlista, Bodhi Miami, Coral Swimwear X, Smoke Show, Releciga, Playa Sol, Lilian Montoya, Hamade, Lalele, Booty305 Brisea Swim, s


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