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Curve New York Concludes Its

2020 Autumn/Winter Edition Showcasing Luxury & Emerging Seductive Lingerie Brands.!

NEW YORK, NY(ALLURING-NEWS,02.02-06.20)-The largest lingerie and swimsuit expo of the US Eastcoast produced by Eurovet Americas- concluded its 2020 Autumn/Fall three day trade show in style, featuring the latest trends in the Intimate Apparel industry with global luxury and emerging brands from all over the world at the Jacob Javitz Center in the heart of Manhattan, New York City.


This year exhibitors included major luxury brands from Simone Perele, and Empreinte from (France), Panache (England) and new emerging seductive brands like "Entos" Lingerie (Mexico), Cosmostyle Lingerie (Cosmopolitan Magazine Brand) and Liberté Lingerie founded by former fashion and lingerie model Amber Tolliver.

During the three-day trade show, Alluring Intimates Illustrated, a division of Starlight Media Illustrated attended some of the emerging brands pitch sales presentations such as "Endos " (Mexico), " Liberte " (USA) and spoke with Senior Sales & Marketing Marisa Birch of the Panache Brand (England) and this is what she said:

Panache Brand (Lingerie, Sports & Swim):Marissa Birch/Senior Sales & Marketing representative.

Alluring Intimates: Where is the brand from and what can you

                                 tell us about it ?

Marissa Birch: we are located and headquatered in Sheffield, United Kingdom. The brand Panache started in the US about 20 years ago and there are five brands under the Panache Umbrella: Panache is our main line, Cleo which is a little more youtful with fine patterns and colors, Sculptresse which is our Plus Size line, and we also have Panache Sportswear brand as well Panache Bra Sized Swimwear.

Alluring Intimates: What is Panache Brand mostly known                                                    for Lingerie, Sports or  Swimwear ?

Marissa Birch:Lingerie, we are mostly known for Panache our main line as well our sportswear line. Our Panache sportswear bra is one of the top selling sportwear Bra brand in the market and also we are D+ Lingerie brand. 

Alluring Intimates: Does Panache sells globally, How you rate the price range (High-End, Middle or General Consumer) and What makes It stand-out in the Lingerie Market ?

Marissa Birch:Yes, We focus in small band sizes and a larger cup size.

 We start in the D-Cup and we go all way to through K-Cup and our bands actually starts a 28 band.Price range; I will say middle since our average Bra price is about $67.00 dollars. 

Alluring Intimates:Thank You for the interview and have a wonderful day.

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