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PHOTO(left): JENNIFER COLL /Owner of Avery Rose Lingerie

Curve New York Close-Out in Style Its Summer

Exhibition of Intimate Apparels in New York City…!  

NEW YORK(ALLURING-08.02.18)-Curve New York Closed-Out in style its summer exhibition of global Intimates apparel & Swimwear brands, with latest brands & designs at Jacob Javitz Convention Center in NYC.

This bi-annual 3 day event, takes place in New York and Las Vegas, where buyers (Boutiques, Retail Stores & others ) and exhibitors (US & International Brands) of lingerie & swimwear apparels, meet to establish business relationships & share experiences of the Americas.


The 2019 Curve New York Summer Edition took place over the past weekend from July 29-31, 2018 at the renowned Jacob Javitz Center in the heart of NYC and we had the opportunity to interview few exhibitors through our affiliate Alluring Intimates Illustrated, like Jennifer Coll, president and owner of Avery Rose Lingerie from Los Angeles and this is what she said, during an one to one interview:

Avery Rose Lingerie is an American brand from Los Angeles, consist of soft cup, non-padded , pretty bras to wear under sheer tops, draped dresses, blouses, t-shirts or even on their own. They ate meant to be seen ! This concept is the inspiration behind all Avery Rose Lingerie. We want you to be the most gorgeous you and know you are " Too Beautiful ".

Alluring Intimates :What is Your Name, Name of Your Brand and how long you've been exhibiting at Curve New York Expo ?

Jennifer Coll:My name is Jennifer Coll and I'm the head-designer and owner of Avery Rose Lingerie. This is our first time in New York, exhibiting at Curve and we are fairily a new brand that we've been around for few years, first e-commerce only but now we are branching out to retailers and hamsteries and now we are here. 

Alluring Intimates: What can you tell us about  " Avery Rose Lingerie "

Jennifer Coll:The reason that I started my line it's because I could not find 

what I wanted to wear out there on the lingerie world. I wanted all my broadless  some sort of embellishment to feel good, to fit good and to be able to be worn from the boardroom to the bedroom.They are meant to be seen whether it's a strap or whether it's the center front part of the bra or the back, somewhere in the bra you are meant to see it either under a shear blouse or even just a strap peaking-out of you dress. 

Alluring Intimates: What makes " Avery Rose Lingerie" different from the others brands ?

Jennifer Coll: The reason I'm getting so much attention over the 200 + brands because It stand-out, it's very unique, and it's almost like a jewelry on a bra. which you don't really find in many many brands, it's very few brands, it takes a lot of designs and ingenuity to create a lot of our pieces,

because I still want to be comfortable and adjustable, fit well and to embellished to make it something super special.

Alluring Intimates: What other colors beside white and black carry your                                       brand " Avery Rose Lingerie " ?

Jennifer Coll: We do have Grey, Navy Blue , Plum and Multi-Floral and branching out in different colors ways but these are the most requested styles so that women can wear them underneath an evening gown or even a T-shirt.

Alluring Intimates: How would you rate " Avery Rose Lingerie" Medium,    Luxury or affordable, comparing to other brands in the Lingerie Industry?

Jennifer Coll: I will consider it to be a luxury brand, we are in the luxury aile with other luxury brands,  they are not the least expensive bra that you can find, I used a high quality fabric and all collections have a hand beater straps and I have swarovski crystals.They are definite a luxury brand but I think the price point  are affordable to many women and I do have some bra with embellishment that aren't as elaborates that have a better price point.

Alluring Intimates : Thank You so much for your time and the interview,                                      Good Luck with your business at "Avery Rose Lingerie ".



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